Sleeping on anti-aging labs can cause you to die younger and broke.

I’m sorry, have you seen the state of the environment recently? Since 1820 we’ve known the earth was warming up from human causes. Governments did next to nothing to prepare for that future, because lobbyists (Capitalism) made sure that profits out weigh regulations that don’t favor their agenda.

The fact we even allow the use of non-biodegradable plastics when plant based plastics have been around for over a decade is absurd. There’s an endless amount of examples of where lobbying has blocked legislation that would have lead to better outcomes for society, and they continue to do so.

Also you think when those life long politicians discover they can live another 20-30 years from some anti-aging tech and keep their spot in the chambers that much longer they won’t jump on that bandwagon. People like Mitch McConnell have already stated that he believes he’s “still in his prime” and he’ll die in those chambers if people keep him there. If he can get some injections to live another 20 years they’ll absolutely do it.

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