Slept all day after a long night playing games and woke up to this.

Let's not forget the sabotage that accompanies the parents loss of control. That's the stuff that really fucks shit up.

My dad has wrecked my whole life just bc he can't hold my hand. I'm 36. He flat out told me he didn't tell my brother about an excellent deal on a washing machine last week bc my brother hadn't texted him. My brother (who's an ass himself, but that's another Maury) is just now moving with a child and changing jobs and school for the kid and needs a washer/dryer set desperately.

My dad heard of a good one at an excellent deal, but flat out told me he didn't tell my bro about it bc he hadn't text him. It's gross. I can't imagine having so little love for something I brought to this shitty old world.

This is just a minor thing. I won't even go into the toe curling stuff like leaving lug nuts loose on two of my tires that should've killed me when I slid into the river. We'll save stuff like that for another time lol

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