Slowed video of Portland shooting, clearly depicting that the gunman had his gun drawn and aimed before the victim had even raised his arm with the mace. A clear-cut murder.

I'm in Europe, looking at this US currently looks as bad as Afghanistan. And your and even our media calls them peaceful protests?

Iv seen scenes here that I except to see from warzones not downtown.

And that lasts for months now. I can not understand how can this be allowed, how can anyone defend this?

You lads need to deal with antifa (currently antifa, my statement is same for any group that would start making cities look like WW3 went through it) shits like Polish or even authoritarian Russians did. With force. Never thought I'd say US has to do anything like Russians do.

You are hostages in your own towns, in your own country.

I hate politics I hate to look at this stuff, but it's everywhere and hard not to see.

It is sad day when people start thinking that murder, burning peoples property is okay.

This looks like kristallnacht on steroids.

Hope everyone is safe and won't fall victim to these oxygen wasting scum.

Hold on US, land of the free home of the brave.

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