Slowly making progress (story in comments)

. So to start this off I have zero proof she has ever cheated on me or been with other men since we have been together but I wouldn't rule it out. We went on a party bus to a festival with some friends of its who organized it. There was a ton of heavy drinking going on and there was another man on the bus who we had never met before (friends of friends) who was making eyes at my wife. They flirted a bit just banter about drinking. When we got to the festival we all hand gone off our own ways. As we met up later I saw my wife off talking to this guy again flirting back and forward. I was turned on and frustrated all in one emotion. I decided to go get us some more drinks and bring them back. As I went off and came back with drinks I noticed my wife and this guy where both gone. Apparently she went looking at clothes and he went somewhere. I waited finished my beer and went to the bathroom. As I. Was leaving he bathroom I saw the both of them walking together again. She looked surprised and said she was looking for me. I said with some frustration I was right where she had left me. She apologies we went back and had some more drinks and the night continued on as the flirted. When we were leaving the festival I was walking next to her and she ran up and grabbed his hand and laced fingers. I couldn't believe my eyes that at this moment my suspicion seemed to be confirmed. She reached back with her other hand and grabbed min as he lead us back to the bus. While we were in the bus I whispered to her to show him her tits and she pulled down her shirt slyly for him to see. He looked and smiled as we waited for the others. That's pretty much where it left off.

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