Smacking children makes them ‘more aggressive and antisocial’, say scientists

Same. I was a victim of my dad's anger issues every single day. Every single day of my fucking early life. It stopped only when I was big enough to fight back... What I learned was to hate my dad but more than that, to never attempt anything because I'm afraid of doing it wrong and having "consequences", not my dad's fists now but the idea got stuck in my head. The mind of a child is extremely delicate and it is easy to fuck it up permanently. After confronting some parents that I saw beating their kids in public I also learned that they are EXTREMELY scared of fighting and adult and that seems to be their way of exerting violence without getting punched back. I have never seen a parent hitting their kids out of the need to "educate" them, always the reason is because they are angry and they want to "put the kid in back in his place". Parents who are patient and mature enough to be able to hit their kids without a single ounce of anger in their minds don't even need to do it in the first place, they know how to handle the situation without violence. I will never have kids...I'm terrified of becoming my dad and doing the same thing. Now I have a lot of mental issues now and I'm pretty sure my life will end in suicide eventually. It never got me to obey the rules because I understood that he wasn't hitting me because I did something wrong but because he was angry, that's don't learn to follow rules at all, just to avoid getting caught, avoid your parents and the worst part: That violence is ok and a good method to deal with problems when you are angry..... Teaching kids respect by disrespecting them makes as much sense as teaching them not to rape by raping them....And I've seen that kids, despite what people think, do obey and learn when you reason and negotiate with them.

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