A small change that will make you love Indar

Same stalemate fights. Same problems stemming from having 7 tower bases, 4 of which are pretty much in view of each other. North warpgate still has advantageous lattice for alerts. New base designs are an improvement, but what I wished to see more was fights outside of the T. I love SE Indar and never get to fight at the canyon bases because the breakwater bases further up the lattice are so strong. I love J-908, but again, fights are very rare there due to the same issue. It's always 96+96+ at Crown/TI Alloys (I do like fighting at those bases when it's actually a fight AT those bases, but often it's MBT hillspam from range and turret shittery ad infinitum).

No continent is perfect but I sigh when I log on and the only fights on Indar are a zerg fighting for hours between Quartz Ridge and Indar Ex, a zerg fighting for hours between Crossroads and Regent Rock, and a zerg fighting for hours around the Crown. Hossin is a better example of base variety, design, flow, and cover from vehicle spam.

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