Small Scale Industrial LEV Ventilation with Fume Hoods in New Jersey

I'm looking for an HVAC company or contractor to install a LEV / source capture ventilation system in what will be a 500 sf production area, within a larger 5000 sf shipping / receiving facility, in an industrial building, Patterson-Passaic NJ area. they will need to have experience managing VOCs, connecting fume hood workstations via LEV filtration system out to an exterior exhaust. Beauty industry.

Most companies we are finding either do not have commercial production experience, or, they do, but they are too large and expensive for our little 18 person startup. We already have the LEV system and hoods, and air monitoring results from an industrial hygienist who evaluated us in another location. We need to determine CFM levels, install ductwork and pull together a working system that meets legal regs.

Any leads on where we could find a suitable firm in this part of NJ is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


If you are peeking at my comment history, the existing setup we put together, worked out great and was well within all OSHA/EPA/DEP limits after monitoring. No burnt out motors, no problems. I went back to update that post, but it was archived.

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