Small Swablu & Rotom Giveaway!


Status: Online!

This short GA ends after 2 hours.


Hello guys, this is just a small 5IV Tyrunt & 4 IV Dratini Giveaway.

A lot of the mons have their HA.


Pokémon # Nature Ball Ability (Egg)moves IV spread
Tyrunt 6/6 Jolly Strong Jaw or Sturdy Dragon Dance/ Ice Fang/ Fire Fang/ Thunder Fang 5IV
Dratini 7/7 Bold Marvel Scale Extreme Speed/ Iron Tail/ Dragon Rush/ Agua Jet 4IV


Note: Every Mon was breed on a German 3DS, so it may have a German tag on yours.


Follow the rules to comment and to deposit a Pokémon to the GTS.

  • IGN: Name
  • Deposited: Mon [lvl x] (gender y)
  • Requested: Tyrunt OR Dratini
  • Message: PeetGA<3

If your Pokémon gets sniped please make a new comment (no reply) or I'll maybe skip you.


Let's go! ^^

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