My last ex would lovebomb me 15 times a day with cheap empty "I love you" messages but there were no actions to back up meaningless words like "Bless You" when someone sneezes. Sure, the words were appreciated, but she could also have reciprocated the actions I gave her, cooking, living, hugging, kissing, buying her trinkets , taking her places, saying I Love You to her with reasons why I loved her. Some narcissistic people think throwing words out with no actions to back them up is good enough. Oh, she dumped me March 2019, returned in November 2019, engagement ring back on her finger, started to move her clothes and toiletries and meds and artwork into to my house again, then abruptly left just before Christmas, dumping me again, via email, citing a lover she'd known for three years longer than she knew me. I took her to Florida and NYC and Europe three times to Europe, on my dime. I have a small house with a small back yard. He has a big yard, cottage, money, is younger, better looking, has a dog, pool and does as he is told. I love you too dear.

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