Smart LTE Speed increased 5-10X at 12:01 AM. Possible New Throttle Policy.

This is why I didn't jump to the LTE bandwagon, there isn't much coverage for LTE and you'll be on 3G if you're always on the move.

I like being at prepaid, I am not on a business that requires me to be on Postpaid.

To be honest everyone on Postpaid is fucked and the throttling they do is ridiculous. Once you get the fell of high speed internet access you don't want to go back but you don't have a choice.

I wrote this a few days ago:

Every few days or every other day, there seem to be a thread that is always about ISP or Carrier problems. As much as you call it discussion it leads to the same generic replies.

People, people. As much as we want to help you other people get your problems too, so don't think it is not only you who encounter these. This place is /r/Philippines not /r/PhillippinesTechSupport. I know your thread can be a valid query BUT so does everyone else who made other earlier threads, which makes the thread you just made another useless rant thread. I'm glad people are submitting threads for discussions but these threads just usually contain the usual replies of agreement on the same problem.

Like: "I have that too"; "Ako rin"; "Problema ko rin yan"; "<Insert Profanity> Globe, Smart, PLDT," the list goes on.

If it is ACTUAL NEWS about ISPs announcing something significant, go ahead since others actually benefit from it. But if its just a thread where you nodding agree with other redditors then just STOP.


We get it, we know it.

Its just like me making a thread titled "/r/PH what did you eat today" every other day. Wouldn't you be sick of that? It is absurd. I'd rather post that stuff in NRD or DRD.

I may be wrong or right but this is just my 2 fucking cents that needs to be molten and dripped on the fingers of these ISP/Carrier thread makers.

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