Smash Summit 3 Doubles

I'm not saying this subreddit is full of children just because you didn't agree with me. Last year there was a poll to see how old everyone in this sub is. Of the people that answered, the majority were 13-18. Unfortunately you can't make any comment in this sub that goes against the grain without being downvoted. The moment you responded to me I was already downvoted, which reminded me that children are here that can't quite understand that you don't need to downvote everything you disagree with. The whole point of voting is to determine whether something contributes to a discussion or not; but people here would rather use it as a set of "I agree" or "I disagree" buttons.

Rather than downvote you for what I'd consider to be an ignorant opinion about the person that donated to Leffen, I decided to question you; and later I expanded on my own thoughts as you tried to put words in my mouth.

All that aside, this isn't the first instance in this sub that I've encountered where people just act like retards (for a lack of a better term). There's a good reason why so many people in the Smash community hate Reddit. It's like the ultimate cesspool for people to get into a clusterfuck of negativity. Like, honestly, why the hell are people judging some guy for donating to Leffen? What does it matter if he donated $3 or $300? Why judge that? Shouldn't it be considered good that people are starting to donate higher amounts to players that put in real work to bring more acclaim to this game?

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