Smoking to be ended in the UK by 2030, leaked proposal reveals

Nicotine withdrawal takes about 8 days to kick. It sucks, but anyone can do it. By the way, you can avoid these taxes by buying uncut, raw, organic tobacco leaf and cutting it yourself - a tiny fraction of the cost of retail cigarettes, and the benefit of not having any extra chemicals/preservatives. Raising taxes on tobacco products is minimum effort and it works.

Its interesting that you argue the case for tobacco based on personal freedom - you forget that big tobacco companies have been lobbying world governments for a very long time. You think any where near as many people would be smoking today if not for government being complicit in ignoring the dangers for so long? Its not about freedom, its about the fact that cigarettes should never have even been a thing in the first place - literally all they do it hurt you.

Tobacco is a scam. You win by quitting. I say this as someone who still smokes.

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