Snap back to reality.

She said she didnt want white men to review Captain Marvel. She literally just flipped her lid over a TSA agent asking for her number, and when questioned about it, had the nerve to imply that the person asking was saying "she was asking for it".

An accusation that rang true with me was an article by wired, saying that Brie Larson is calling for Female Power, not Female Empowerment.

Its not twisting words its her misguided attempts at doing the right thing. Much like Terry Crews. He is constantly fuckin up and then uses his recent treatment as an excuse. If the likes of Edward Norton or Colin Farrel had said thing even half as shitty, they would be lambasted. Look at Liam Neeson as an example, he got shit on for calling himself out for past behaviour which was over 40 years ago. But because hes a white male, he is made out to be the pariah.

None of this is equality. So dont try and shunt the blame, hold people accountable. Just because they are trying to do the right thing, doesnt mean they are going about it the right way.

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