Snapchat video potentially connected to fatal crash

Hey you eat_the_afterbirth piece of shit. You sit there and call this person names because you saw a Snapchat video. Which by the way you idiot is a different vehicle and different time of the day. If you were an intelligent person you wouldn't be sitting there barking at people that are actually educated in human behavior. Something that you obviously can't get through your thick skull. The accident is still under investigation, nobody knows who caused the fatal crash yet, but you think you got some kind of authority to call him a "child killer" you brainless piece of garbage. Sometimes good people do find themselves in unfortunate events, but you are simply dangerous by nature. Now you are exactly the type of person people should fear to be neighbors with. I believe that there is a very effective way of fixing this drinking and driving problem that we have and it's not prison. If our government truly cared about our safety they would prohibit alcohol, burn the whole works. But no of course not, they make too much money from it. It has never been about keeping people safe.

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