Sneak peek MacKenzie

Holy shit. My mom has Type 1 diabetes and has all my life (often called juvenile diabetes, it is diagnosed younger) and is where the pancreas does not produce insulin. I never really noticed as a kid much, except once when she was exercising and passed out because her blood sugars were too low. I was only about 6 years old and I got her a pillow and blanket. Then my sister and I snuggled into her and tried to go to sleep too. My dad came home to this and started freaking out. That moment shaped my childhood, I took on much more responsibility and would "argue" with my mom when she was low all the time. Diabetics, when they are low, are terribly mean. You have to trick them into eating sugar and then testing their blood sugars to "prove you wrong". At least I did because my mom was very responsible with how much sugar and carbs she would eat. So when Mackenzie said she ate half the kid's Halloween candy and was up and down.... oi. She.... isn't a responsible diabetic whatsoever.

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