Sniping your daughter while walking her down the aisle should definitely deny you grandpa privileges for life

I understand it her special day and ect.

But to hold a grudge that you remember for EVERY DAY for 50 years?

My dad was an asshole to my mom when they broke up, he decided to bring his GF to my graduation from catholic school communion thing, and my mom told me she was not going to come because she did not feel comfortable being there and had asked my dad to not bring her but he said he was going to anyway.

So my mom did actually come, but because I did not think she was coming I did not see her, did not walk up to her for a hug and photo.

When I found out I was rightfully pissed off that my dad stole an important memory from me, however, as an adult I moved on because that is what we have to do.

We have to be the better person.

The post smells of bullshit, if you think of that every day for fifty years you need mental health assistance in the form of therapy.

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