Snowden says U.S. not offering fair trial if he returns

Thanks for the reply, btw.

Top in are managers, they don't have the technical capabilities

I wan't referring to managers, but to senior level administration officials who might use their access for less than ethical purposes, like spying on other political candidates and the like.

In regards to technical capabilities, one of the leaks was that it requires a simple database search using the xkeyscore program, not technically difficult by any means. I have my doubts that Obama, for instance, isn't allowed or able to search the NSA records.

Even if the officials in charge of the program didn't have the authority to use the tools, that would be a bigger concern than if they did.

And even if all is that is untrue and they do need a low level employee to do a simple xkeyscore database search, do you really think that is outside of the powers of a senior level administration official to find someone else to do it for them?

Possibly but I also have yet to hear of abuse that hasn't resulted in punishment

Of course, by definition you won't. But here is one which might cause some raised eyebrows, the Loveint revelation, that employees were routinely using their powers to keep tabs on their wives and partners. It was common enough that they had an abbreviation to refer to it.

Its nice that you are so trusting, it really is an admirable quality, and I'm sure most of the NSA employees genuinely believe that what they are doing is right and for the good of the Nation and in many, if not most, cases it definitely is.

But I'm not sure how you can say these concerns are unfounded or unreasonable.

The power that these records provide is immense, widely available, and not all the people with access are the sort of people who can be trusted with immense, unchecked, power.

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