The Social Construction of the Anti-Scientology/Anti-Cult Narrative

For 15 years, I was bumping up against something. Frequently at odds with people I thought were doing the same things I was doing - trying to tell the truth about Scientology.

That assumption of mine was wrong. The Anti-Scientology community is not trying to tell the truth about Scientology. They are simply doing whatever they can to discredit Scientology and get people in society to help destroy it - without regard to the truth.

Any time I'd question an anti-Scientology claim or write about something not within the strict narrative of the Anti-Cult agenda, I would be banned or threatened with banning from whatever venue I was writing in. Any time I stayed within the narrative, I was praised and welcomed into its "highest levels".

Anti-Scientologists/Anti-Cultists are looking for people to express the most damning narrative against the cult in the most damning way it can be expressed. They want people to develop messaging that will attract people to their cause and help them destroy Scientology - whether that messaging is true or not.

There are real abuses that Scientology has committed on their own members, and on their critics. But most of the atrocity stories are over-hyped and over-blown. And some are downright false.

But you can never state this openly in an anti-Scientology forum. It is simply not tolerated.

For anyone leaving a cult, it is extremely important to seek to live with the truth.

After 15 years of experience, I have concluded that you can not seek to live with the truth in a group of Anti-Cultists.

That's why I make this post here: If you are just coming out of Scientology and want to find out what happened to you while you were in, DO NOT become an "Ex-Scientologist" run by Anti-Scientologists.

Truth about Scientology is BOTH the good and the bad in it. Stay out of places that can not tolerate BOTH the good and the bad of Scientology to be discussed.

Thank you. There will be much more about this on my blog in the coming weeks.


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