Social Issues in Lebanon

Like u/moonlightkryptonite, you also ridiculed my position on gays.

I actually upvoted your comments to pad against the downvotes. Downvotes are not meant for opposing views; they’re for irrelevant comments. I even removed a comment calling you an idiot with a keyboard, so there’s a bit of padding here.

All you did was mock; if you challenged anything I said, instead of just insisting your claim that no harm is done, it would have been better. I already responded to that user below.

I could have challenged your “position of gays,” but when I ran my initial cost-benefit analysis of whether or not it was worth it to get out my Reddit light-saber and type out a lengthy response to your initial comment, I elected not to waste my time on someone that simply doesn’t believe in basic human rights. I’ve been to this rodeo before. I know how it goes. I type out a rebuttal, receive a non sequitur response, hash it out for a bit, throw my hands up in the air, then return to curating my meme collection. I guess I’ll waste some time for posterity's sake, so here goes nothing: Why do you even get to have a position on gays? And why are you speaking of them as though they are some distant civilization of extra-terrestrials that must be suppressed before they rise up to seek equal rights? They are people. And they are living among us. Some of your friends and family members may be struggling with their sexual orientation and you may not even know about it. I don’t think I have to go back to your comment and quote the particular sentences that irked me because I don’t want to get triggered again.

You live in America. If you know the history of African Americans and the women’s suffrage movement, then you probably know that statements like the ones that you used against gays were also applied to these groups, as well as other minorities. Hell, you are a minority group as well. Suppression and violence towards gays, jews, blacks, etc. stems from the insecurity of a perceived threat. An “us” and a “them.” Source: heard this right from the mouth of an ex-KKK member. You live in America. What threat have the rights of gays to marry done to you personally? How has it affected society in a negative way and impacted your own life? Who cares?

In your original comment, you implored the OP to reevaluate his/her positions. It’s a two-way street. You should do the same.¬

You're assuming the exception, not the rule. I live in America; I see plenty of ads for sperm donation so that, among other women, lesbians can have children. It's big business here. Why are you assuming that the majority would adopt? You'd just be bringing more kids into the world without a father or a mother. Before you go into the "gay males will have to adopt, and so many children will be adopted" argument, the far majority of children of LGBT couples are of lesbians (~80% are born with sperm donors):

I don’t see how this is relevant. I’m not assuming anything. I’m simply leading off your situational statement that if you were a leader, you would deny an orphan a home with a gay couple because you see the denial of a parent of each gender as “harmful.” You would rather deny them the chance of a better life in a loving home. I don’t care about your anecdotes of gay couples in America. We’re talking about Lebanon (adoption is ridiculously difficult for heterosexual couples, we are incredibly far away from gay couple adoption if we ever see it). I’m simply questioning the principle of your original statement. Please link studies of child-rearing among gay couples. Extending the circumstances of single-parent homes to gay couples is simply not analogous.

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