Social rides are not for smashing hills.

:) Yes the ride was slow for sure

Again, social rides are for whatever the participants wants them to be for

You're being taken on somene elses route.

I'd suggest SCA on Facebook

Given has this has turned out, with 50%+ of replies focusing on me and my abilities I think not. This has turned into a fuck fest, as were the comments on facebook about this conversation. Did you see them? People simply can not accept feedback and criticism without personal attacks flying out of everyones asshole.

Noticed he posted it to Reddit where his weak ass can be anonymous.

Why would I possibly want to go public and deal with lovelies like this?

Initially I was going to post to FB, but after thinking about it I realized I have to deal with the fallout of how people feel about this well after it's all said and done. I definitely think this was the right choice. So many personal attacks.

I don't like hills. I can do them, and I do them all the time - but I dislike them. Especially if they are back to back to back. I'm a sprinter, I have strong short burst of energy. Endless hills, esp if I'm not mentally prepared for them are annoying. But I can ride 30+ miles of occasional hills like it's nothing.

it doesn't look that bad or even that unusual.

I disagree highly. That's a fairly hilly part of Austin. Someone elses comment about the ride from FB.

It was hilly but I still enjoyed it. I needed that hill training. I'm very glad I didn't bring my girlfriend though. There's no way she would have made it. A newbie warning for that route. I'd do it again though even though I was slow as hell.

If I think it and this person thinks it you can be sure other people feel the same way.

The one lesson I got, far and away, is don't say a fucking thing. Because some people absolutely can not handle it.

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