Socialism is not reducible to marxism

I never said that fascism and socialism are the same lmfao. I said that Fascism, as a theory developed by Giovanni Gentile and Mussolini was socialist.

"What the fuck am I on about? Well, applied to socio-economic ideologies we can't define based off "checklisting". We have definitions based off a lot of things. Socialism is an ideology with certain philosophical, cultural, social, economic, political etc. baggage associated with it. For something to "be" socialism, it has to meet those criteria. Is China socialist? Well yes because it shares the overlapping baggage with socialismas an ideogy." I get what you're saying, but the issue is who decides this criteria? Socialism is both theoretical and a movement.

Don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying Marxists = Fascists or something, I'm saying they're both socialists

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