Socialists, how do you handle lazy people who don’t want to work in a socialist society?

Companies don’t have that kind of technical innovation yet though and still need people regardless which also feeds into the degree more people will see these higher spots needing to be filled and will get that degree for their area.

You are expecting companies to stay. And that those limited spots won't be filled quickly. Then you have the problem of the country giving it's labor to other countries. (Assuming you live in the USA) all your law would do is make it more likely businesses will leave.

Your degree argument makes no sense.

It makes complete sense ask any economist.

As a society continues to grow and develop not only will more supply be needed but more achievable continuing a cities development or country as a whole more so.

Every sector will need more people (supply) to keep up with demand this is good til an economic crash.

Do you agree with everybody having the same wage?

Also students will have much higher grades because financial burdens won’t struggle.

Not true since it is free you can fail and go back later. No reason to try.

Have to think into the future not just the now

I do. Just not the way you think

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