Sociopath or just a functioning member of a really toxic honor culture?

I mean, just in terms of my personal life- I can definitely say that the world you’re raised in is what guides much of your moral compass/ views of right and wrong. For example, I grew up in an Irish Catholic American household in rural Iowa... this meant that physically fighting my peers as a tool to command respect and a way to correct perceived wrongs was not only condoned, it was often times encouraged.

I was literally in my early 20’s and had left my hometown for college before I realized that assault is an actual crime beyond just heinous circumstances when an elderly person is beaten by a mugger or something of the sort. I really had to take a step back and realized that the set of principles I had grown up using as the “correct” form of conflict resolution were wrong.

Tony never had the opportunity to leave the world/ culture he was raised in. When you’ve had that life normalized from the time you were a child, what seems like sociopathic behavior to the outside world is just the way things have always been done in the word around you.

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