Sociopaths vs psychopats

James Fallon, who is a neuroscientist, wrote in his book „The Psychopath Inside“ that (beside the fact that many psychologists deny the existence of either) in a clinical setting the difference between sociopathy and psychopathy is purely semantic. "Robert Hare pointed out that sociologists are more likely to focus on the environmental or socially modifiable facets of the disorder, so prefer the term 'sociopath', whereas psychologists and psychiatrists prefer to include the genetic, cognitive, and emotional factors as well as the social factors when making a diagnosis, and therefore would opt for 'psychopathy'." Btw, I highly recommend the book. During is scientific research Mr. Fallon made out some distinctions that separate a ‚normal' brain from a 'psychopath' brain and had to learn that his brain too fits in the latter category.

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