[SocJus] Kotaku | "Lost Ark's Depiction Of Female Characters Feels A Decade Out Of Date"

Well no. It's gotten review bombed mostly because the EU servers have been horrendously overloaded since head start. Something like twenty thousand people sitting in queue waiting to get in all day everyday. That's when the servers aren't crashing or being taken offline to try and fix this mess. They're trying to open a second cluster for Europe now, but with no way to transfer out of your existing one...

The localization itself is barely noticeable and the armor still shows a ridiculous amount of skin. The biggest issue I've had is the absolute piss-poor job they did with the script and English VA. It's disgraceful. At least the Korean voice is still available.

Plus I was able to use one of the new black faces and make a damn fine white trailer trash-looking assassin. So that's a plus.

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