[SocJus] Newsletter on UCCS: 'Veterans should be banned from four-year universities'

I mean, is it crazy? Because I have a feeling I've seen similar thing being said about: Cops. At the point, however, when it's pointed out that majority of cops that shot black people are black, I feel like I read somewhere saying that it's 'systematic racism', and that they are a part of it.

"By not understanding that racism is systemic, we guarantee it will continue. For example, racist police behavior is often reduced to “a few bad apples” who need to be removed, instead of seeing that it can be found in police departments everywhere. It reflects and sustains the existing power relations throughout society."

"In the case of police, all cops are dealing with enormous cultural and systemic forces that build racial bias against minority groups. Even if a black cop doesn't view himself as racist, the way policing is done in the US is racially skewed — by, for example, targeting high-crime neighborhoods that are predominantly black."

"Combined, this means the system as a whole — as well as individual officers, even black ones — by and large act in ways that are deeply racially skewed and, potentially, racist."

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