I totally understand that feeling where you have told yourself you can have x amount of something a day and now you feel like you HAVE to take the opportunity to consume it.

Is your relationship with the soda based on the sweet taste, or it providing caffeine, or something else?

I have trouble not having a coffee every day, but my body is addicted to caffeine AND loves the taste. The caffeine part makes it very hard to quit if I wanted to.

A common sentiment in IE is that while this food or drink might not be the most nutritious choice, it would be much more unhealthy to focus on restriction all the time, and it’s okay to drink it just for enjoyment.

When you get your daily soda, think about whether you are actually wanting it in that moment and if you are really enjoying it. And it’s okay to mess up sometimes. I eat a sweet and sometimes think afterward I didn’t actually want/enjoy it much and maybe I was just eating emotionally, which is OK too.

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