Softcore erotica? Can you recommend good writers that have this sort of style when writing love scenes?

Can you explain in a bit more detail what you like? Or authors that you've already discovered & would like to find similar? Because I've got a few suggestions in mind but I'm not sure if I've understood:

  • when you say erotica, do you mean scenes, short stories, novellas or full length novels? How much plot & character development are you looking for?

  • and when you say "less explicit detail" do you mean less detailed descriptions (eg. "He entered her slowly & felt her warm grip around him" vs "he slid his huge veiny cock into her slick and warm channel") or less explicit language (eg. First option vs "his dick entered her creamed up cunt/pussy")?

  • and are you looking for vanilla sex or kinks of some kind? Loving couples? Straight or other orientation?

I can think of a few romance authors (and a few erotica) who write monogamous couples with steamy sex scenes that may be the soft core you're looking for: they're not fade outs or floral language, they are graphic, but they use cleaner language than some and keep the focus on the emotions. They're not kinky, just vanilla sex. If that's what you're looking for, let me know and I'll go through my kindle for suggestions!

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