Solid 10FPS drop and slow-motion on [email protected] of the W!ld

Framerate is taken while running in a circle just in front of the heart shaped pond where Wabbin and Perda is located.

Cemu Version Graphic Pack Threaded optimization disableGPUFence = false disableGPUFence = true
1.7.5 2160p On ~29fps (Unlocked) 30fps (Unlocked)
1.8.0b 1080p On 20fps (Locked at 20) 30fps (Unlocked)
1.7.5 2160p Off ~18fps (Locked at 20) 30fps (Unlocked)
1.8.0b 1080p Off 20fps (Locked at 20) 30fps (Unlocked)

Locked at 20 meaning it won't go above 20 unless it hits 30, just as on the Wii U. And unlocked being able to go to any framerate.

While doing these tests I noticed a couple strange things, loading times seemed higher.

Threaded optimization On Off
1.7.5 51sec 23sec
1.7.5 44sec 25sec
1.7.5 24sec 24sec
1.7.5 38sec 23sec
1.7.5 43sec
1.8.0 22sec 19sec
1.8.0 18sec 18sec

Secondly, Whabbin and Pedra randomly disappeared from view.

Version Threaded optimization Does NPCs randomly disappear?
1.7.5 On Yes
1.7.5 Off No
1.8.0b On No
1.8.0b Off No

With 1.7.5, having threaded optimization on unlocks the framerate, but it also increases the loading times and makes NPCs bug out. Might cause a few other things I did not notice as well. It performs almost as good as when disableGPUFence is set to true, except that it quite often drops down to 20 or below. Especially at the start of a battle or when moving into a new area.

1.8.0b on the other hand seems to ignore what threaded optimization is set at, and keeps it at off, which means it will lock the framerate to 20. So its not that it performs worse, its that it locks the framerate just like the Wii U does.

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