This some gay shit

He thinks he's part of the majority, which he thinks allows him to make jokes at our expense because we're outsiders and minorities. Didn't you get the memo? Outsiders aren't welcome in human society. Everyone has to be normal. I mean if you're not, no biggie, it's just a joke dude. Haha. It's not like you have to live with being reminded every day that you're effectively a second-class citizen and that you'll never truly be as close with your straight friends as they are with each other. Yeah, the behaviors and attitudes associated with you and your fellow outsiders might be the object of derision, reminding you that you'll never truly be regarded as equal with them and always thought of as "that outsider guy" with that one outsider trait. But it's just a joke dude, hahaha. Like, chill out. Know what I mean?

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