Some helpful information regarding medical insurance - based on 25 years experience

Is Cigna any good as a provider? Where I live, they are really the only better-known name on the marketplace. The others are Ambetter (regarded as one of the worst in the country) and some start-ups with very small networks. Unfortunately, the marketplace provides only HMOs, and none of my current doctors or medications are covered. Current medication is not a problem thanks to other discount programs, but I'd have to find all new doctors.

I am self-employed with a PPO through UHC, which has excellent service but no longer offers plans here, so I'd hate to give them up. But the premium has risen dramatically over the past several years and I can no longer really afford them - from $960 to $2,880. Marketplace HMOs are currently much cheaper thanks to the subsidy...though they'd be around $4,800 without it, and I worry about the quality of service & network.

If anyone has advice or experience with Cigna, I'd appreciate some input. Switching seems like a bad idea overall, but I'd save over $2,000/yr... assuming nothing happened to the subsidy.

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