Why do some Indian men think that women have it easier?? Stop exaggerating the differences between men and women!!

Women have more choices in life - relationships, job(optional for women, mandatory for men), insta or any app (vast majority are women) etc

Men have to introspect and try being logical as far they want to go in life, women are already accepted for being a women. A child and a female are merely accepted for existence, man have to earn it.

Life is relatively easy in current times of gender equality. Help is DIY for men, women can get help or complaint.

All menial jobs as well as hazardous environments only men work. Death in work(army or combat related) more for men.

Women get bad experience in case of abuse, torture, domestic violence, sexual violence which are better handled legally or support in current times.

Not all women are living the high easy life but that is mostly demographic and family or cultural, which once boldly handled can be solved today by reaching out for help. Men have to either suck it in or not taken seriously for their innate mental or personal issues.

Please don’t get offended but you still have a car which can be repaired, lot of folks still can’t purchase bike on their own, nor they can ask for family to buy it for them. For more clarity reach out or my friend - Jordan Peterson videos on YouTube.

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