some of you might already know about this but for those who dont... you can store fruits from trees on the floor uwu this way you have more free space in your inventory

everyone has their own local fruit, it is assigned randomly when you first start playing the game. local fruits are lychees, grapes and limes/lemons. in my case, my local fruit is lemons (my trees don’t grow lychees or grapes) and i can sell lemons them from my inventory for 10$ just like any other regular fruit. but when i buy lychees or grapes from my friends’ market, i can sell them for a higher price (600$) directly from my inventory... same happens to you, if you happen to buy lemons from your friends market you can sell them for 600$ from your inventory so that’s a good strategy to gain a lot more of bells. there’s also perfect lychees, grapes and lemons... in your case you can sell your perfect lychees for 600$ but if you buy perfect lemons or perfect grapes you can sell them for 3000$ lol sorry for the long post

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