Some questions about credit cards and other bank things.

When I got a credit card the guy at the bank added overdraft protection to my chequing account because having the two together reduced my monthly fee for the account by a bunch. I don't mind, I don't ever use the overdraft and it just means I have to be vigilant about not accidentally using it. Is there any other reason I shouldn't have it? Also, is there any way to check the amount I have in overdraft online? It seems like it's increased but I want to be certain that's not some other thing screwing with my "available funds" number.

As long as you don't get charged for it and don't use it, there's no downside.

How soon before the credit card due date do I have to pay off the balance to make sure it goes through in time? It doesn't seem to go through immediately even if I do it online.

Payment usually takes 1-2 business days to be processed.

Is there any way to see conclusively if my statement balance has been paid off in full or is it just a matter of seeing that you transferred in the same amount of money as the statement balance was worth? Because right now it shows my current balance and my full statement balance, but not how much of that statement balance has been paid.

As long as you pay the amount on your statement balance, it will go towards paying off your statement.

Someone told me that when you pay off credit card charges it pays off the most recent first, so if you want to make sure the whole statement balance is paid off you actually have to pay off the entire current balance at some point (ideally right after the date the statement is for so the current balance and statement balance are still the same). Is this true? I can't find anything about it.

That's not true. Just pay the statement amount before the due date and you're good.

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