Why some restaurants are charging a "Covid-19 Fee" and why you should pay it.

I am in favour of price updates vs a fee.

YOU are but your customers wont be and you dont listen to random people giving you GOOD advice to just raise the god damn price

You create a bunch of bullshit reasons that you're right and just do what you want because that is the type of business person YOU are. Some of us wont do business with that type of person but do whatever you want while your business is around, that's your privilege as a business owner.

And I am not blaming you.. I blame the fact that your customers didnt ask for GST, or PST and many are fucking broke right now while the cost of food at the supermarket is going up....just raise your damn prices like they are doing or expect a bad result...

All you've done is explain it to YOURSELF so YOU feel good... thats not good enough to run a business right now...but maybe you can argue and convince people that you are right rather than listen to good free advice with your business

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