Some revelations I have had regarding TRP lately.

once a man stops getting drained by the looming power of pussy and wakes up to what is his real potential, that is when his life truely begins.
this subreddit is wonderful, a gift to all men,poor or rich,of any race, literally the keys to happiness.

depending on how bluepill you are ,the harder it is to swallow, after all a man's ego and self-esteem is forged by his actions and thoughts.
the harder you dangled in years of feminist-flavored bluepill baths,the harder that poisononous mindset was burned into your soul.I regret the lives of many good-willed brothers that were wasted becomign atrocities like virgins into their 40's or getting married and abused their entire life by emotional and financial parasites, getting disrespected daily in front of their peers by their woman, or worse get tossed away like dry shit to pay up for never having the chance to see their kids again after getting cuckolded.

I am quite interested in the story of your grandfather, it's always good to hear of a tale of an impressive alpha male rather then watching any of the degenerous shit that is on tv or songs that are part of the feminist mindfuckery.

One thing I want to point out though that is the passing of TRP.
Make sure you pass this knowledge on to your sons and cousins.
I've never had a consistent alpha father figure in my life (sorry dad,no matter how much I love you and think how great you are),even though my grandpa,uncle and cousin are alpha,I just didn't see them enough for them to have sufficient effect on me.
at the very least I can say my natural alpha cousin made it way easier to absorb TRP,shit made sense from the very second I read it.
All I can say is that I will teach my future son if I have one the ways of TRP as soon as he hits puberty.
I lost a huge amount of years of my youth being depressed and unhappy because no one could man the fuck up and tell me that I needed to play sports stop being a nice doormat to get the girls, I was already shy and gentle to begin with,instead I was told by grandmother,aunts and mothers that I was the nicest boy they knew and that I should never change,they of course believed their own hamstering and made me feel like I was meant to be popular with the girls like I was some hot shit.
And what a hot sack of shit I was.
Years of my fucking youth fucked up by bad parenting,oh well.
I've found learned the social behaviours I needed to, with the most alpha pack a man can find,right here.

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