Some sound advice here on fb car page

To be honest there are more comments then I’d care to read but from what I’m gathering the biggest ordeals are cleaning up after them and the dangers to them. I have 3 cats, my immediate neighbors love them because they help with the rodents getting into the gardens. The two that do go farther than the fenced in backyard, well they aren’t very good hunters, in fact they rarely catch anything. Their presence alone keeps the rodents at bay. One cat doesn’t even like to be outside past the fence, he could hop it; he chooses not to. The ones that do go into my immediate neighbors yard are skittish of my neighbors, who they’ve lived to for 8+ years. And yes, they dig in the garden, but only ours. Cats are extremely vulnerable and they will not go to the bathroom elsewhere because they don’t feel as safe. Anyways, y’all can be mad if you want to but if my neighbors don’t mind, I’m not gonna keep them inside when they want to go outside.

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