Some vandalism is genius. No offense to religious folks. Might have to zoom in to see the writings on the wall.

I think your comment got downvoted just because you posted a comment bent toward Hinduism. Just to let you know I feel sorry for such people who think anything said in favour of hinduism is unsecular and bad and against hinduism is all secular and good. This is a biased and full of hatred view and I thats what I don't like on this sub.

This is not the first time this is happening. A while back in november i posted a pic to experiment on this sub. When i posted it as "way to dwarka" it was hugely downvoted even though it was just a road and wind mills in the pic. Than I uploaded the same pic by other name and it was upvoted.

We as Indians can respect all, and on my part I always try to do that but this sub just makes me sad. All the people who call themselves secular are not secular as they're just pushing their agenda of their respective religions.

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