Somebody submits LateStageCapitalism to r/AgainstHateSubreddits. Literally every parent comment becomes a firestorm of drama and downvotes.

Bruh. The rebels fucking murdered thousands of innocent people in cold blood, often because of hysteria and petty feuds.

I mean, you don't deny that, right? That at the height of the terror people were often killed by hysterical mobs for no good reason? That dissenters and political enemies were executed just for voicing their disapproval of these actions?

There's never been a cleansing where the people doing it didn't think it was justified or moral. Just because they gave some lofty ideal does not justify the barbarism if the acts they do in the name if that ideal.

And you think quoting literal propaganda rationalizing those acts somehow makes it ok? What's next, a tract from a supporter of Pol Pot or Vladimir Lenin saying "well it wasn't so bad, because compared to what they put our ancestors to, a bit if light genocide isn't really that big a deal to be honest."

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