Someone actually posted this. They seriously, unironically, non-jokingly think that walking half a mile is a long distance.

These same people probably complain about being bored at home or spend 99% of their time scrolling apps... here's a suggestion, Use that time to walk to the store instead?!

I remember growing up as a teenager with a single dad, he worked long hours so sometimes he would just give me money to walk to the grocery store alone and then back home with bags of food for supper, it took about 15 minutes to walk one way, 30 minutes in total, but every time I got home, It felt good because I just spent 30+ minutes grocery shopping and walking. However I still hated doing it but I'm 26 years old now and I'm glad I was raised that way because it feels like everyone will complain about a 15 minute walk to the store now, ITS NOT HARD, USE YOUR LEGS LIKE THEY WERE MADE FOR.

Before ya'll call me a boomer, this happened between 2005-2010 and i was a teenager so no, I'm not the older generation saying "I had to walk 2 miles to school everyday and back home." I'm just saying, USE YOUR FUCKING LEGS and stop complaining lol.

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