Someone attempted to steal my belongings from a hostel...

Something about hostels which brings out the lowest common denominator. I myself had been to Poland and everyone at one of my hostel stays woke up when a pair of foreigners were trying to bring back prostitutes into what was a Fortress Hostel (CCTVs, card scans to open the doors and so on) and they were shouting fight with the workers.

But technically to be fair this stuff happens in hotels too: in fact, a lot of documentaries imply hostel thieving gangs often stay at the hotel they are robbing as a form of alibi or to move in and out quickly.

Although AirBnB kinda obfuscates an unit's location - I feeling AirBnBs tend to be saferish in the sense that people on the street have a harder time identifying them and I think long-term neighbors are less likely to rob than transient neighbors like at hotels or hostels..

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