Someone did a test of Cimexa showing its effects on the little monsters with a few nice closeup shots.

Not a single one was something that would be useful for killing bed bugs besides maybe smashing them with the can itself.

Bedbug elimination is really not a DIY endeavor for the masses, not yet. Just too many factors and risks involved that a trained professional will avoid.

We have been through a couple of bb infestations so we know about the particulars.

as a licensed pesticide dealer

I don't think you should have been made be a mod here so quickly for the fact that you have a profitable motivation.

Reddit is about communities and people come here to r/bedbugs hoping to get answers from other fellow sufferers who have been through the same ordeal.

If you were here contributing for some time in a neutral fashion, then perhaps.

Fauster made a impulsive mistake some time ago and we got some new mods we really didn't need (summer is really the only busy time here) without properly vetting them first. Now we have people that have only textbook knowledge and little actual experience.

I don't see how people can advise or assist others with their bedbug problems if they haven't actually gone through the ordeal themselves. Most want to forget and never mention it again. Heck most don't even post as they are afraid of what others may think.

thebacons2002 and I personally went through it and it takes great courage to admit it. I did a LOT of experimentation and considerable effort to defensive and offensive measures, so I know what works in DIY and what doesn't.

Both of us likely saved countless lives here, because beforehand this place was a zoo of harmful and life threatening misinformation.

Fauster wanted more mods, so we got more mods. But I don't think we necessarily got the mods the people who come here with urgent requests really need.

People come here because every other site on the Internet is trying to take advantage of their situation and sell them crap, we do not.

I'm hoping to leave this site to do something new and exciting, however I want to ensure it doesn't dissolve into the cesspool it once was. That this community fosters and supports itself without me mothering over it.

If you think about it, if you had bedbugs and was hysterical looking for help from a unseen threat, wouldn't you want someone to honestly help their fellow person without trying to scam them in some fashion?

Anyway I hope I've made my point and the mods are essential in shaping the direction this community will go.

Cheers. :)

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