Someone is offering an 'Opal runner' service to earn your free trips

opalrunner here, may I have an audience.

There's a subculture of people extracting value out of frequent flyer point system: And you see this in Mother Nature as well. We are creative creatures, that is we can make what was not in existence before our making. And that which we make fundamentally increases our command over our inherited environment to make our existence more secure and joyful. But what is truly unique about our species is that we are able to make that which aids/amplifies our ability to make. That is our key to survival as a species. One that will outlive the existence of our current Solar System though we, the people of 2015, will not live physically to experience but nonetheless preparation must be taken now for our distant posterity to have a good crack at survival.

But I must comment that opalrunner does not contribute, in any meaningful way, other than to reaffirm that creative ability inherent in everyone of us, to lifting mankind productivity level per capita per square kilometer in similar quality as a national space program, or large scale infrastructure upgrade, or fundamental scientific/musical/artful break through would.

It is my belief that public transport should be efficient, thus contribute to lifting man's power of labor. To that end the whole administrative and ticketing enforcement should be scrapped. It's a woefully wasteful use of man's labor. All those freed up personnels would be much more productive in their endeavor of the engineering, science, art, music, healthcare, and education. We have a taxation system in place. Let's put it to good use.

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