Someone pays your significant other $20 million to have sex with them, they tell you immediately afterwards and split the money with you; how do you react? Why?

I have not only been dirt poor, but I have put out, completely, for my spouse. I would do it again in a heart beat. I have and would work harder, do more, or live with less, before I'd sell my wife.

Are you people nuts?

"spoken" like someone who's single, or in a lackluster relationship. I honestly can't imagine people in this thread aren't just saying if they had a random girlfriend they'd do this, while just being lonely. Most of the top comments are literally "I'd get a girl AND 10m?!!?"

You're legit saying your SO is worth money to you, that you'd sell her. Why not just sell them now? You know people would already pay to have sex with your girlfriend or wife, right? Lots of money, especially if they know they're cucking you.

If you won't sell them then you've either never gone hungry or have control issues... right?

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