someone please help me? Finance noob here. (TFSA/ETF Questions)

Hi, Thanks for answering. Sorry to be a pain but i don't completely understand what you are saying.

Wealthsimple Invest Basic account has a 0.5% management fee, whereas the Invest account says 0% commission. Are there other fees I am missing? What do you mean by trading and maintenance fees? I looked all over and I can't find a mention of these.

Also about the second thing you mentioned: is buying a "risk appropriate asset allocation ETF." cheaper than just buying XGRO and VGRO? My understanding is that VGRO is essentially a mix of stuff already. And i keep hearing people say 'just buy XGRO'.

I'm open to questtrade instead; are those features not offered in the WealthSimple commission free stock trading account, again im looking at their website and its not entirely clear.

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