Someone points out that God doesn’t exist, and some brainwashed Christian says “i know you wrote this to look cool but honestly honey, it's not working.” I think that’s a big misconception about atheists. We don’t speak out against religion to “look cool.” We do it because we don’t believe in myths.

Where, exactly, does this person learn about atoms? If you're going to remove his ability to prove it, which you have to because otherwise the analogy falls apart, then you need to explain how this person knows about atoms just as they "know" about deities.

This is your analogy, and you haven't made it work yet.

Yawn, it's the same with every person that has every walked the earth who has failed to PROVE GODS DON'T EXIST.

No one needs to prove a god doesn't exist since you have failed to establish they do. You keep ignoring the fact that the first claim of a deity has yet to be proven. Why does the atheist suddenly bear the burden? Answer? They don't. Prove claim A before you get to demand anyone else prove anything.

Based on this logic, you need to prove that the Flying Spaghetti Monster doesn't exist based on me claiming it does.

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