Someone predicted this

Do you really want to know the truth? You all hanging on pins and needles. Wire line logs pending. Thousands of dollars on the line. I understand and been there with wildcats. Geo is an expert and rallying the troops. Should I go further? Or you going to downvote me all to hell?

Edit 1. You ever do the right thing and get crucified. Happy Good Friday. Look, we are dealing with a wildcat. Forget the pie in the sky stuff. Energy 88 will do a press release that is encouraging. Literary poetry with a song. That’s how it works in this business. Too many eyes on this to just state the facts. Of course you may get totally blessed with commercial oil, but odds are 1/1000. First off I don’t know what they looking at. I really hope you all make tens of thousands. But here is reality. This is the moment when Energy 88 had to make the tough call. Will you embellish results a bit and lead on investors with with encouraging results? Yes, it happens all the time. Stock bumps. But reality and truth have just parted. Now you led on with casing, cementing, perfing and testing. Weeks to months if all goes well. Stock loads up. They try like hell to find oil. And find themselves painted into a corner. And then at some point, news of no commercial oil. Look I just want you to know the reality of the situation. I have been down this road with 6 figures. I am not short. I have never shorted. I despise what they do to small caps. Just don’t Invest blind, and only what you can afford to lose. I wish you all much prosperity, but want you to have a clear understanding of the reality of wildcats. Hedge funds 50 percent short for a reason. They are not stupid. And not going to lose millions upon millions. All the best to energy 88.
Full disclosure. I was out at .07 Wednesday. May trade it after wire line logs But knowing full well I will be out before results. Take care brothers and be blessed today.

Edit 2. I hope Merlin1 gets great wire line logs this weekend. And Energy88 is forthright. The keys word to look for is delay. If you run into delays it’s a warning sign of trouble ahead.
All the best brothers.

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