Someone is scamming me through email.

Got this exact email a few months ago, if you're like me, you're probably on the fence here because they wrote your password and it was spot on, but also, you probably use the same password for a bunch of accounts. The thing for me was they gave me a password I used all the time... like 8 years ago! So I figured they just got to a database of some crap online games webpage, some vBulletin forum I used to visit or something like that. I don't use that password in my actually important accounts (email, work, shopping, bank accounts, etc.), so I just made sure I wasn't leaving anything out, checked the accounts I have that actually matter and updated a couple passwords. Although I really wanted to reply something douchey like "go for it, they're up for a show!" I didn't replied or anything. Nothing happened. So bottom line, just as anyone would advice, ignore that crap, update your passwords and keep on jerking off (but not too much!).

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