Someone in this sub give it to me straight, are we headed towards another lockdown in Michigan?

I really hope our vital infrastructure maintenance are part of the general fund and not based on usage as you describe, that would seem short sighted and foolish.

I understand you were trying to express an undercurrent of enthusiasm to make the point that economic activity is more important than the lives of the most vulnerable among us. I wonder, would you consider yourself a moral person? That sort of thinking strikes me as shockingly selfish, greedy, and spiteful.

Of course the natural counter argument and a fair one is that economic damage kills people, too. That is without a doubt true. What I will say to refute that in advance is this: we can do something about that. We can use government action to stop foreclosures and evictions, we can use it to keep people whole and living economically. You know what we can't do with government action? Bring back the dead, or will more ICUs into existence, or recreate an entire multi-generational workforce of medical personnel that are going to be decimated by the time this thing is over.

I'll buy you a lot of cans of paint if you stop and think about this stuff outside of your immediate personal context.

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