As someone who never watched njpw/any indies before aew...can someone explain the young bucks/hangman page appeal?

I'd say in terms of recent work, a good case in point for the Bucks was the tag team tournament match with Private Party.

They started out wrestling more-or-less as Face, and with confidence bordering on cockiness. Commentary had informed us PP were a new young team and Bucks were more experienced, so we figure Bucks are winning, right? The match goes on and Bucks just can't put PP away, so they get a little pissed. You'll see it in their faces and their mannerisms. They got a bit nastier. Matt (I think) ended up suplexing someone onto the steel ramp and making a comment to the camera like "is that what you want?" - They changed their approach mid-match to what (they thought) they had to do to get the job done.

For my money there's not a heap of wrestlers that go into that much detail in telling the story of a match, let alone a TV match.

They're wrestling nerds and it shows in how they treat a match, physically and mentally. The move very well, do some extraordinary shit, can bring basically anyone to a great match, and they like telling stories in the ring and outside (like with BTE etc - which is probably a huge part of why people like them, too).

They're not always 100% on, from what I've seen, but they're always engaging and very physically impressive.

Having said all that, it's exactly the style of wrestling I like so maybe it's just not for you?

Page, I dunno. I'm not a massive fan but he seems to resonate with a lot of people. He cut an excellent promo on Jericho (the stitches one) and he's real solid in the ring. He's growing on me but yeah, not the kind of guy I usually gravitate towards anyway.

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